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The Mount Vernon can be hired from Private Rail Cars. Owner's description: "MOUNT VERNON's lounge/dining area features a flexible floor plan. The tables can be used for playing cards or board games at times other than meal times. In addition, the tables can be repositioned together in a row down the center of the lounge, creating one large table for family-style dining. The car's entertainment system consists of a color television, DVD player, videotape player, audio CD player, and XM Satellite radio receiver played through a pair of stereo speakers at each end of the dining/lounge area. The stainless steel kitchen is outfitted with a convection oven and a Jenn Aire grill top. There is storage for frozen, refrigerated and dry provisions. An experienced chef will use these facilities to prepare menus ranging from multi-course meals to light hors d'oeuvres. Charter clients are welcome to specify their menu preferences and special dietary needs in advance of a trip. A spacious stainless steel shower compartment and a marble tiled changing area, quite possibly one of the most spacious on a private rail road car, is located between bedroom F and the kitchen. The car has six bedrooms (A-F), each of which has an upper and lower bed, with a total of twelve beds. Five bedrooms (B-F) are available for guests, while one bedroom (A) is assigned to crew. Each of the bedrooms contains an enclosed bathroom annex with toilet and sink. Dividers can be retracted between pairs of bedrooms; this allows the creation of two bedroom suites (C-D and E-F) when desired by parties traveling together. MOUNT VERNON sleeps 12 (up to 10 guests and 2 crew) in overnight service. MOUNT VERNON can accommodate up to 23 guests for daytime trips, but 12 to 15 guests is an optimum number of guests for daytime trips. The car is certified to operate in Amtrak and Via Rail Canada service; it is available for charter in the United States and Canada. MOUNT VERNON is based on the Morristown & Erie Railway in northern New Jersey, a short distance from New York City." Photos copyright Mount Vernon

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