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Private Rail Cars

More than timeless elegance, or an extraordinary railroad journey, private rail cars give you one thing above all: the luxury of time alone with the people who matter the most

Allowing you complete privacy in a secure environment, private rail cars are an intimate, luxurious and memorable way to travel.

Private Rail Cars charter the world's most magnificent private train cars for its clients. We operate in several countries including: USA, Canada, Russia, Austria, Morocco, England, Scotland, Wales, Brazil, Switzerland and other countries on request.

Our network of private train cars range from the early 1900's, rivalling the grandeur of the Orient Express, through the 50's deco dinner cars to the modern marvels of today's elite class.

Your trip or vacation is supported by full guest and project management services. We source your rail car of choice, plan timetables and provide you with full on-board services: fine dining, butler, beverages, corporate branding, concierge services or anything else you should require.

For more information about chartering a private car,
please call us on +44 (0)1249 890205.

International luxury train travel for:

  • VIP Travel
  • Business
  • Family Trips & Vacations
  • PR, Media & Marketing

A seamless journey from door to door

Let us organise your entire journey from start to your finish. Not only do we organise luxury train travel, but we organise private cars to the station and luxury private jets overseas providing a seamless journey. We take care of everything.

A few examples of the world's most exclusive and luxurious trains...

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Private Rail Cars charter the world's most magnificent
private train cars for its clients.


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