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Private Rail Cars

Who Hires Rail Cars?

PR, Media & Marketing

For PR events, press conferences and journeys with multiple stops, private train cars offer spectacular publicity opportunities along with secluded privacy as required.


For board meetings, business conferences and negotiations, private rail cars are a dynamic and unusual approach to securing quality time alone with the people who matter.

Family Trips & Vacations

Trains offer a spacious, and comfortable environment for entire families - whether a vacation in its own right or as part of a railroad trip.

Private rail cars are ideal for grandparents who want quality time with rarely-seen grandchildren.

VIP Train Travel

Private rail cars provide complete privacy, plenty of space and a secure environment for VIPs and celebrities.

Disabled Access

In some instances, a private rail car may be the optimal means of travel between destinations where flights are not an option.

International luxury train travel for:

  • VIP Travel
  • Business
  • Family Trips & Vacations
  • PR, Media & Marketing

A seamless journey from door to door

Let us organise your entire journey from start to your finish. Not only do we organise luxury train travel, but we organise private cars to the station and luxury private jets overseas providing a seamless journey. We take care of everything.

A few examples of the world's most exclusive and luxurious trains...

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Private Rail Cars charter the world's most magnificent
private train cars for its clients.


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